Amenities & Planning Your Stay

We do not just provide you rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while visiting with us. Wake up to an incredible view, your own private space with all the luxury’s of home!


All Chalets are furnished to turn your vacation into a home away from home. Want to snorkel? We've got you covered. Hungry for some fresh catch? Fire up the BBQ on your private deck! Need to log in for an office meeting? The free Wifi will get you connected! For a list of amenities, check out the Chalets page for specifics.

A Private Pool

Chalet 1 guests experience the joy of swimming in their private pool overlooking the Caribbean.

Private Baths

Each bedroom has its own private bathroom allowing you to unpack once!

Spacious Rooms

Our rooms are more than just a place to stay. The relaxing ambience will keep you happy all through.

Private Deck

Relax on your private deck with a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful Aruba sunsets.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is provided for guests who’d like to stay connected or stream a movie while on vacation.

Beach Ready

Want explore Aruba's beautiful beaches? Each Chalet is equipped with 2 portable beach chairs, umbrella, towels & cooler! Aruba provides the sunshine!

Private Balcony

Among the scenic beauty of the island we also have an oceanfront balcony for each Chalet.

Secluded Beach

Want to take a dip into the sea? All our guests have direct access to Aruba Beach Chalets secluded beach. Sunbathe, take a nap, read a book just steps away from your home.

Full Kitchen

Whether its preparing breakfast, lunch for the beach, or a quiet dinner at home, each Chalet is equipped with a full kitchen!

Planning Your Stay

When traveling outside of your home country it is always nice to have some basic information to help navigate your stay. These tips might prove helpful as you prepare.

Ease of Travel

Aruba is one of the select country's in the world where US bound travelers clear US customs before boarding their departing flight back to the states! Thats right. Avoid missed flights upon arrival to the US due to long custom lines and short connection times.

Approximate flight times:

Miami - 2.5 hours
Atlanta - 3.5 hours
New York - 4.25 hours

Predictable Weather

Aruba's weather is consistently mid 80's and sunny. Nestled 17 miles off the coast of South America, Aruba benefits from the refreshing trade winds while positioned outside of the hurricane belt. The average rainfall is 18 inches per year. The predictable weather and friendly people are the two primary factors why we chose Aruba!

Language and Currency

Aruba's native language is Papiamento. A mixture of Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese with a local twist! English is widely spoken throughout the island! The country's currency is Florin. However, the US Dollar is accepted so there is no need to exchange currency in advance. The exchange rate is around $1 US Dollar to 1.75 fl.


Covid testing is offered at a variety of locations in Aruba. Two testing locations are LABHOH located Palm Beach Plaza Mall (in the high rise area) and Laboratorio Familiar N.V. inside the Hyatt Place Hotel (airport location). Results are emailed to your personal email address within a few hours. No appointment is necessary.

Exploring Aruba

Navigating Aruba in vehicle is easy. While there are many car rental company's to consider, Cheap Car Rental always offers our guests competitive rates. It is advised to book early regardless of car rental company selected.


Prior to travel, it is advised to check with your cellular provider for international voice and data rates. Whats App is an internet based application that allows you to connect via messaging, voice or video when connected to Wifi. Whats App is commonly used in Aruba.

Plan an Unforgettable Experience in Aruba Today!

Let us help you make your stay in Aruba wonderful and relaxing.